Welcome to Découvertes de Vin

Découvertes de Vin is French for wine discoveries which is what this blog is all about.  Our contributors all hail from Northern California which is why you will notice a strong bent toward wines from Northern California.  If you live a stone’s throw away from Napa and Sonoma why wouldn’t you drink a lot of these world class wines?

The purpose of this blog is to share things we learn about wine with our friends, family and readers.  It may be a great wine.  It may be a great wine and food pairing or perhaps something about how great wines are made.  Each is categorized for easy access.

Note that we only include wines, wineries, restaurants, and hotels that we like. If we do not like something, say for example a wine, we will not write about it. We’re not wine critics but wine enthusiasts and thus feel no obligation to rip or criticize.

All of our contributors are wine lovers and not in the wine industry.  We buy all of the wines we review just like you would.

If you would like to get in touch with us send an email to : DecouvertesDeVin@comcast.net

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or follow us on Twitter: @DcouvertesdeVin

Wine Reviews

Our wine reviews are broken into three main categories:

Premium Wines:  These are expensive wines (at least for us) for special occasions.
Mid Priced Wines: Wines that fall in the middle price point but are good enough for guests or a special dinner.
Super Market Finds:  These are inexpensive wines that are great for everyday drinking.

We use the Wine Spectator 100 Point scale to score the wines we review:
Wine Spectator 100 Point Scale
95–100 Classic
90–94 Outstanding
85–89 Very good
80–84 Good
75–79 Mediocre
50–74 Not recommended


Restaurant Reviews

We review restaurants as follows:

Ratings are from A (outstanding), to F (truly horrifying) and may include a + or –

Price: Score is based upon price vs quality.  An A score means the food is worth more than they are charging and the reverse is true for an F

Service: How good is the service and attitude of the staff?

Food: How good is the food?

Wine List Variety/Quality: How good are the wines offered?  How varied?  How well is the list paired to the food offered?

Wine Pricing: How much are they jacking the prices?

Winery Reviews

On our tasting excursions, we will pass along our thoughts on both the wines and the wine tasting experience as follows:

Ratings are from A (outstanding), to F (truly horrifying) and may include a + or –

Facilities: What is the tasting facility like?  Good views, comfort, noise, etc.
Hospitality: How well is the patron treated.  Is the staff attentive, pushy, snobby?
Wine Quality: How good and how varied is the wine offered for tasting?
Education: Did I learn anything about their wines or wine in general?
Overall Tasting Experience: The sum of all the above criteria.

We’re a proud member of AllTop’s Wine Category
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