Forget Thanksgiving Dinner! Smart shoppers are embracing Thanksgiving Breakfast. We’ve got you covered for some wine suggestions!


Good Bye Thanksgiving, Hello Red Thursday!!

Still thinking about Thanksgiving dinner? Ok, go ahead, but you’re missing out on all of those sales. Let’s face it, by next year Thanksgiving will be gone and will be replaced by… RED THURSDAY!!! Even bigger bargains than Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Retailers will bend the space-time continuum to be open for 36 hours on Red Thursday. Yes!

Of course that means you won’t have time for silly things like family, football, and delicious meals. No! The smart shopper will slam all of those sleepy relatives into their chairs at the breakfast nook and serve a super speedy Thanksgiving breakfast.

Fortunately, we here at DdV have some fine suggestions for pairing your quickie breakfast with some tasty wine to keep the whole family happy!

Some Premium Suggestions

Dunn Vineyards 2006 Howell Mountain Cabernet
Price: $110
Blend: 100% Cabernet

This is a stunning Cab that will pair perfectly with your steak and eggs. This is our favorite of the bunch as the lower alcohol levels of this wine will allow us to be really aggressive securing that last parking spot at the mall without a trip to the drunk tank!

Plumpjack 2011 Syrah
Price: $45
Blend: 100% Syrah

The perfect breakfast wine. On the nose Italian roast coffee, vanilla, and .. bacon! Great fruit and nice pepper on the finish makes this a winner for any breakfast meal!

Smart Shopper Supermarket Finds Suggestions

Of course the smart shopper is looking for bargains so for those who need a deal try the Joel Gott Un-oaked Chardonnay or Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc. Both will go great with those turkey fritatas or turkey mash potato waffles. Plus both use screw caps saving you valuable shopping time.

If You Must Pair for Dinner

Here’s a tip if you’re feeling sentimental about Thanksgiving dinner! Grab a bottle of Trefethen Dry Riesling, pour some in a travel coffee mug and hit the Costco as this wonderful white pairs perfectly with a Costco hot dog with extra mustard.

Happy Red Thursday Everyone!