Two new finds that are right at home with dinner

Spring in Northern California is always a great time of year for BBQ. Warm enough to stoke up the grill but still cool enough to enjoy your BBQ with a tasty red. Here are two recent discoveries that will compliment your grilled or baked dinners.


Merry Edwards 2010 Klopp Ranch Pinot Noir

DdV: 95
Price: $57.00
Blend: 100% Pinot Noir
Source: Russian River (Sonoma), California

A truly magnificent effort by the newest member of the Napa Vintners Hall of Fame.

On the nose hints of bright cherry, pomegranate, dark berry, and subtle vanilla  lead to more dark berry and bright plum on the mid. Finish is long and balanced with hints of oak and a myriad of spices. The tannins are pronounced but refined giving it an impressive overall balance and strongly hints at a very cellar worthy wine. This new favorite offers a lush opulent mouth feel and possesses some subtle earthiness yet is so perfectly clean. Try this with some grilled veal chops, Cornish game hens, or grilled pork loin. Very highly recommended.


Péna Ridge 2007 Syrah

DdV: 91
Price: N/A
Blend: 100% Syrah
Source: Dry Creek (Sonoma), California

This wonderful Syrah was given to me by a friend who loved this wine so much he wanted to share with me and our readers here at DdV.

Sourced from the Piccetti Family Vineyard on the eastern side of Bradford Mountain in the Dry Creek Sonoma AVA, the wine is a great example of the well-drained hillside terroir from which it hails.

One the nose, dark cherry, and hints of oak and spice give way to bright plum, dark cherry, and mountain blueberry on the mid. Finish is moderately long with a nice balance and very subtle hints of white pepper and spice. We tried this with a spicy meatloaf recipe and it really made it sing.

The bad news is that they are currently not producing any of their wines for the public but may return at some point in the future. We sure hope they do as this was a very enjoyable wine.