There are many wines to consider for Turkey but whose sharing the table can be just as important in your choice

Whose Coming to Dinner?

Our family consists of wine lovers. However, our palates are quite different. Some love whites, some love medium to light reds, some love big reds. Then there’s me, who love all the above. So what to serve that will make everyone happy but will also pair well with the turkey and sides?

One easy mistake to make is to try to “bridge the gap”. That is, pick a middle of the road wine that none will hate but none will love. A better choice is to serve several different wines that will make everyone’s palate happy.

How We Chose

Our dinner this year includes the basics. Turkey (oven roasted), green beans, garlic mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry, and rolls. We decided on two different styled pinots from Sonoma Coast producer Radio-Coteau. One, the La Neblina is a bright delicate style with a slight spritz on the finish. This will appeal to our lighter red fans. We will also be pouring the Savoy, a much darker, richer, more robust effort. Both will pair perfectly with the turkey and sides.

For desert? We have pumpkin pie and for those who don’t like pumpkin pie, some cheese cake. We chose the Mt. Veeder sourced Lagier-Merideth Mondeuse for its medium body, floral notes, and overall appeal.

The moral here is that there is no reason to serve just one wine. Use your guests preferences and your imagination as a valuable tool to make a memorable pairing.