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Steve Heimoff’s Blog today made mention of a rather silly article from the Huffington Post on a UC Davis study of varying enclosures for wine bottles.

The first paragraph states “The debate as to whether traditional corks or screw craps produces a better bottle of wine — a controversial one that has divided the wine community — is about to take a scientific turn.”

“Screw craps”? Was this a typo or an injection of personal opinion by the author Rachel Tepper?

The article goes on to describe the outrage of oenophiles towards screw caps and how this great debate will undoubtedly shake the wine community to it’s very core! First, the actual announcement by UC Davis on the study is rather dry and matter of fact. They’re starting a study to determine whether consumers can tell the difference between traditional cork, screw caps, or synthetic corks when tasting the same wine stored in each. They will also measure color changes and the level of oxidation.

Not very sexy is it?

Former Warrior Forward and KNBR radio host Tom Tolbert frequently discusses the concept of what he calls “false hustle”. False hustle is when an athlete goes all out on a play that means nothing to the outcome of the game. A baseball player tearing down the line to first on a ground ball to second with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth and his team down by 10 runs or a football team running a hurry up offense with 30 seconds left in the game down by 3 touchdowns are good examples.

I understand news sites trying to get bums in seats but creating a nonexistent controversy about a very dry subject (to most) is just false hustle to me. This is typical of many mainstream publications when discussing subjects such as wine. Anybody who isn’t interested in wine won’t be wowed enough to read through this and those that are will find it weak and without substance.  False hustle.

For the record, I’m rooting for the screw caps at least for drink now types of wines. I love the convenience especially for white wines. Mrs. Winediscoveries and I enjoy having a glass of white while waiting for the grill to heat up but will want to switch to a red when the grilling is done. A screw cap is convenient to lock up the white until the next day when another glass can be enjoyed. Plumpjack, who is also participating in the study, makes a tremendous red with a screw cap and I’ve had a number of nice Rosé, red blends, and white wines as well.

We’ll see how it turns out in a year or so but until then the Huff Post should stick to what they’re good at..  shocking car crash photos of Amanda Bynes and Lindsie Lohan.

Oh, by the way, the “screw craps” was a typo. It was fixed later….