Pacific Rim Dry Riesling
Year: 2009
DdV: 90
WS: 89
WA: 90 (2008)
Avg. Price: $10

If you love your Chinese takeout as much as we do, finding a good wine to pair with it is always a bit of an adventure.  Well folks, the adventure can be as simple as navigating the wine section of your local supermarket and grabbing this very good, very versatile dry Riesling from Washington State’s Pacific Rim.

This wine is lush yet is crisp and dry.  Refreshing citrus and floral notes are the highlights with a subtle yet sparkling mineral finish.  The versatility of this wine can not be overstated.  The lower 13.5% alcohol level makes this work wonders with lemon chicken or sweet & sour pork yet can also hold its own with spicy Mongolian beef or kung pao chicken.  Spicy Thai, Vietnamese, or Korean fare is also right at home here.  Even a Chicago style hot dog will pair great with this wine.

I’ve found this wine on sale for as little as $8 and another plus is the consistency.  I found the 2007, 2008, and 2009 equally great.  This wine has more than enough character to drink all by itself.  Great on a hot day.  I’ve also used it in my favorite oven roasted vegetable recipe.