Radio-Coteau (one of our very favortes here at DdV) had their open house on April 14 and 15.  We attended the Saturday open house and were very impressed with each of the 4 flights offered.  First, the folks pouring the wines were very friendly, very knowledgable about their wines and provided a terrific atmosphere for enjoying their fantastic wines.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Radio-Coteau is a small boutique producer out of Sebastopol California.  Their specialty is Pinot Noir but also make amazing Chardonnay and surprisingly nuanced Syrahs.  We’ll be posting detailed reviews of some of the wines we tasted (and purchased!) in later posts but here are the highlights:

Flight Highlights

The 2011 Sonoma County Line Rose
Made from Champagne Pinot and aged in oak this was the surprise of the day.  Light pink color and dry with just the perfect hint of sweetness.  At $20, a very good deal for a great drinking summer wine.

The 2010 Savoy Vinyard Chardonay
Might be my favorite Chard right now.  Perfect mixture of tropical fruit, peach and citrus with that nice hint of oak.  Balanced, complex and impressive.  Grown in the same vineyard as their Savoy Pinot which is a world class pinot.

The 2006 Savoy Vinyard Chardonay
This is what age can do to a great Chard.  Smooth and complex.  The aging made this wine really stand out.

The 2010 Alberigi Pinot
An amazing Pinot!  Dark red, complex blend of plum, cherry, cola, and a hint of spice.  The 2006 was also amazing gaining complexity and showing how cellar worthy these Pinots can be.

The 2010 La Neblina
The 2010 was sourced from a single vineyard (Hallberg) right down the street from their facility in Sebastopol.  This is a lighter wine than the Alberigi, with a garnet color, rasberry and cranberry notes and a wonderful finish.

The 2002 and 2003 Marsh Vineyard Pinot
The stars of the tasting.  We were fortunate to try both and they were amazing.  Unfortunately both were sold out by the time we were leaving.  One for the snooze you lose file.  To think a Pinot can go 10 years and be this nuanced and fresh is a new concept for me.  Truly amazing!

Stay tuned for some more detail on these wines but to sum up, this was a great day of tasting and a winery to watch.

Their wines are rarely available in wine shops but you can sign up for their mailing list and get an allotment of their wines.

Go to http://www.radiocoteau.com/ for more information on their wines.